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We brings a new level of interactivity to the web by designing sites that are unique to the needs of our customers, and provide them with new ways to interact and communicate with their clients in a manner that is clear, appealing, contemporary and innovative.

Our design team consists of a group of highly dynamic designers that take great pride in their works. We are meticulous in all aspects and details that make your site successful.

Cross Browser Support

Our designs work great with all modern browsers like firefox, chrome, safari, opera and internet explorer 7, 8 and 9. All of our websites are also responsive, they're hand-held friendly no matter what OS you are using, whether iOS or Androids.

Please find hereunder some ready made packages to choose from. of course, you can order any configuration you can imagine.

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Welcome to join with us to support Education, Environment, Health and Living Condition of school children and people at rural area in Cambodia... read more


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Cambodia Head Office
H/P: +855 12 711 712
Phone: +855 63 966 976
E-mail: info@angkorads.net


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